Fight For The Galaxy In Virtual Reality


Available for online co-op play

Galactic Rangers VR is now available on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, and Windows Mixed Reality.

You can play together from the same computer at the same time.

Use different weapons to blast through asteroids, space and enemies. Blaster, Laser, Homing Missiles and more!

Pickup bonuses and gain highest score at the whole known Galaxy! Modificators like Health Kits and Slow Motion helps you survive long enough.

Shoot numerous enemies and defeat dangerous bosses! Flying bots? What about raged cyborgs, jumping right on to your spaceship to cut you in pieces? Kick’em off into cold space!



Amazing FPS game in which we shoot opponents in incredibly dizzy action. Realistic and colorful graphics in single player mode.

Pros-Cons ReviewsRealistic and colorful

Best Space first-person shooter in which you - the main character, a brave galactic ranger. Grab your blasters and forth to sweep opponents! It's time to fight the enemies!

The best VR games on PCEpic

Amazing FPS game set in a realistic and colorful space. Lots of enemies, fast action and a beautiful story.

Cons-Pros ReviewsAmazing

Galactic Rangers VR is a simple and polished space arcade shooter for VR, waves of enemies and bosses to defeat using various weapons and collecting bonus and powerups, a fun game!

Games without BordersSimple and polished